September 25, 2016

So much stuff is horrible.

What? Okay! Cool. Just listen; thanks… Show notes at Chris on Vinny on Email us at and Theme music: “Motherlode” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Photo: A poorly done photoshop of all the candidates.

The Fatherland is horrible.


SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Come on down to for our PODCAST CLEARANCE SALE! Everything. Must. Go!!!!! Lmao, get it, because we’re on Sunday now? Oh, forget it… Big show this week. Chris no longer feels the Bern. That must be because Reptilian Overlord President-inevitable Hillary Clinton has done everything she can to provide low-cost prescription […]


Birdemic is horrible.


“COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT! TEN-MILLION DOLLARS!” You hear an accented voice rise up from behind the counter. In the years you’ve worked at the Federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act Customer Service desk, you’ve become accustomed to this. “Yes, sir. What do you need?” “TO SUE! I’M THE DIRETOR [sic] OF BIRDEMIC JAMES NGUYEN! SUE SUGAR RAY DODGE […]


Khizr Khan is horrible.


The Phone-A-Chadwick is in effect, and the glorious coup has taken place. Okay, maybe not. Really, Chris is just out of town on business so Vinny and Danny have another awesome libertarian circle-jerk. This week’s topic? Khzir Khan and how he is horrible. See what we did there? Show notes at […]


Gary Johnson is horrible.


With apologies for being late, here’s this week’s show. It’s, uh…spicy, to say the least. Danny from Down the Rabbit Hole joins Chris and Vinny for a surprisingly long discussion about how Gary Johnson is the worst possible candidate the Libertarian Party could have nominated this cycle. Hmm…where have we heard that before? Show notes […]