April 27, 2016

Technology is horrible.

Usually, we just let it rip. Vinny presses a button. We talk. He presses a few other buttons. You get a show. Easy! Well, no, not this time. A confluence of poor weather and poorer technology means this one’s a patchwork, and Vinny finally got to flex his production muscles. Good on you, Vinny. And […]

Being right is horrible.


I’m sure you’re all excited that I’m back. The show needed balance, right? Sure. Okay. This week, we talk about how I probably would have agreed with everything Vinny said last week anyway, shitty presidential candidates that you — shockingly! — have never heard of, false equivalencies, and provide a Cliff’s Notes version of the […]


#hetsplaining is horrible.


Hey! How about this. I write good show notes, but maybe you like that “inside baseball” shit. Who knows? Here’s a look behind the curtain at our UNCUT, UNCENSORED, DIRECTOR’S CUT SHOW NOTES WRITTEN BY VINNY. [sic throughout] Lylas, C. Because I <3 Chris. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/kimmels-lie-witness-news-catches-super-tuesday-voters-on-fake-primary/ The Democrats had a debate. Bernie thinks you only understand […]