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Am I understanding this correctly? Ben Carson ruled out a chance to be Speaker of the House because he was intent on making a futile run for president instead? Granted, the Speaker bid would have been a long longshot, but you never know how grassroots Republicans might have responded given their loathing of Boehner. Even in a worst-case scenario where Carson’s candidacy gets no traction in the House, he would have gotten a boost in prestige from the effort and earned some goodwill with conservative voters for making himself available to challenge Boehner. And having a few dozen congressmen interested in making you the most powerful man in Congress still puts you closer to real power than a quixotic campaign for the presidency does. Either Carson didn’t fully game this out or, given the upheaval in his campaign lately, he and his inner circle decided that there simply wasn’t any direct-mail gold to be mined in a run for Speaker. I wonder which it is.

As discussed in Episode 0004.

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