So they lost their measuring board. From CNN:

So what went awry? Turns out, the culprit was reportedly the measuring device.

As in, it got lost in the snow.

The National Weather Service requires that snow be measured with what it calls a snow board, which is essentially a table that snow falls onto. Every six hours, the accumulation atop the table is measured and then wiped clean. The total snowfall is the sum of the accumulation from those six-hour intervals.

According to the Washington Post, the snow board at Reagan got buried by, you guessed it, the snow.

Among things that got buried in the snow: most of DC Metro’s rail cars. From the Washington Post:

The other big advantage to shutting down the subway, Wiedefeld said, was that snow-removal crews would have uninterrupted access to Metro’s outdoor rails, totaling 60-plus route-miles, or about 130 miles of tracks running in two directions.

At the same time, officials said, about 900 of Metro’s approximately 1,135 rail cars could be sheltered in the idle tunnels and would not have to be dug out from heavy snow after the blizzard. But the agency wound up sheltering only about 350 cars, Stessel said.

In order to make room for snow-clearing equipment and other apparatus to move freely through about 50 route-miles of tunnels, he said, the agency limited the number of rail cars that were parked underground. As a result, work crews in rail yards have been laboring to dig out hundreds of other cars that were exposed to the elements.

As discussed on Episode 0006.

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