At least it wasn’t a hospital this time.

From the Independent:

Juan Prieto, general coordinator for MSF’s projects in Yemen, said more than 100 incidents involving hospitals meant people were scared to visit them for all but the most serious emergencies.


“Medical facilities that should be places of healing for the population, no longer seem to be safe for the patients or for the medical staff operating in them,” he said.


“People still consider hospitals a target and try to avoid them as much as possible. The only cases that we are receiving are emergencies and mass casualties following attacks.”

MSF Statement about the bombings:

Since the war began in March 2015, public places are being bombed and shelled on a massive scale.


“Nothing has been spared – not even hospitals, even though medical facilities are explicitly protected by international humanitarian law,” says Ayora.


MSF medical activities in Yemen have come under attack four times in less than three months, each incident more serious than the last.


The first took place on 26 October, when fighter jets from the Saudi-led coalition repeatedly bombed a hospital in Haydan district, Saada Province.


An MSF mobile clinic was then hit by an airstrike on 2 December in Taiz’s Al Houban district, wounding eight people including two MSF staff and killing one person nearby.


On 10 January the MSF-supported Shiara hospital came under attack in an incident that killed six people and injured at least seven, most of them medical staff and patients.


On 21 January, an MSF ambulance was hit and its driver killed in a series of airstrikes that wounded dozens and killed at least six in Saada Governorate.


MSF has yet to receive any official explanation for any of these incidents.

As discussed on Episode 0006.

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