Episode 0007: Iowa is horrible.

Nope. I’m good. Maybe Vinny should have written this one. I’m happy about Iowa — I feel the Bern and all that — but six coin flips, though? SIX? But, yeah, cool, Hillary won. Sure. Fine. Ugh. –Chris

– Iowa. We talk about it. Chris is all over the place. You’ve been warned.

– YallQueda in Oregon might finally be defeated — except for the four people that are still fighting for our #LIBERTY AND #FREEDOM. #TRUEPATRIOTS

– Don’t worry, guys. Saudi Arabia is investigating itself for all these MSF hospital bombings.

– Glenn Beck was spontaneously moved to sell you some gold.

– Vinny and Chris React™

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Photo: Ammon and Ryan Bundy, leaders of YallQueda, in Oregon, from NBC News.

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