Episode 0008: The narrative is horrible.

Equal time, right? My co-host, Vinny, is a libertarian. He’s not a “leftist, statist” like me. He’s a good egg. I love him, and he does a good job indulging me on nights like this one. I’m a little wonky, and tonight he let me geek out a little. He engaged with me admirably, even if this doesn’t turn out to be one of his favorite editions of the show. –C

– The New Hampshire primary was returning as we recorded tonight. We spend some time talking about the big wins by The Donald and The Bern, and how the narrative machine would be whipping up to make those wins not quite so big.

– Three people — Huckabee, Santorum, and Rand Paul — didn’t make it to New Hampshire. Good on them for still getting some votes.

– Speaking of Rick Santorum, he’s in the tank for RubiOS 9.1. He can’t exactly tell you why he is, but he is.

Ben Carson. Smdh.

Ted Cruz. Smdh.

– So, uh, what exactly did Hillary Clinton say to Goldman Sachs people at the speeches she gave? She was giving them a heads up that she’d be going after them hard as President, right?

Flint update. Smdh.

Twitter update. Smdh, but it’s cool. 😉

We couldn’t even make it a week without another MSF hospital getting bombed.

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Photo: Rick Santorum making a classic Rick Santorum face, from MSNBC.

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