Episode 0009: Being gassy is horrible.

Going into this week’s show, Vinny was a little worried. He didn’t think that we had enough to fill our usual 90 minutes. Turns out we did. Also, I think I burped or hiccuped or something. Sorry about that. Okay? Okay. Happy belated Valentine’s Day. <3 Chris

– Antonin Scalia died, we talk a little about the political thunderdome that’s taking shape around the replacement process.

Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina are out of the GOP race. We discuss whether or not Jim Gilmore actually had a campaign to suspend.

– Just what is the appeal of the outsiders this cycle? Why do people feel the Bern? Why do people want to #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN?

– That appeal aside, maybe the system is rigged anyway? Nah, can’t be. The chair of the DNC told us so. Kind of. Maybe. What the hell is she saying?

– How does the potential first Jewish POTUS feel about possibly “thwarting” the potential first woman POTUS? Let’s find out! #TOTALLYNOTBIASED

– Another week, another MSF hospital getting bombed. And then another one.

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Photo: The candidates’ view of two, totally unbiased moderators at the last Democratic debate in Milwaukee, from PBS.

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