Episode 0012: #hetsplaining is horrible.

Hey! How about this. I write good show notes, but maybe you like that “inside baseball” shit. Who knows? Here’s a look behind the curtain at our UNCUT, UNCENSORED, DIRECTOR’S CUT SHOW NOTES WRITTEN BY VINNY. [sic throughout] Lylas, C.

  1. Because I <3 Chris.
  1. The Democrats had a debate.

Bernie thinks you only understand poverty when you’re black even though whites, by volume, have 2x the population below the poverty line…


Bernie also put a little bass in his voice and told Hillary to stop hiding her Wall St speeches.  About fucking time.


But the hope is short-lived as Bernie pointing out that Shrillary was interrupting him like a rude cunt is met with shrieks of “MISOGYNY!”

This comes on the heels of Vinny noticing that the word “aggressive” had been used a lot lately.

  1. Amnesty Int’l says attacks on hospitals in Syria by Assad-linked forces and Russia are part of a strategy to clear paths for advancing troops.


Related: The last MSF hospital in Sa’ada Yemen has been shut after two air strikes came within 20 metres of the building.  MSF says hospital workers were afraid to go back to work there.


  1. Ben Carson is out .  For reals this time.


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