Episode 0020: The GOP is horrible.

So Chris had to take off to tend to work obligations and I used the Phone-a-Chadwick card to bring in my good friend Danny Chadwick from Down the Rabbit Hole, but this was an astonishingly typical week for us nonetheless.  We had a ton of things to discuss but got to only about half of it because right before we started recording major news broke and Ted Cruz is out leaving Donald Trump as the last man standing (sorry Kasich, you don’t count).  That’s the way it goes sometimes!

Ted Cruz drops out


Interestingly, he didn’t talk about supporting Trump. I only find that interesting because for months and months, Trump has been harangued about whether or not he would support the winner of the nomination, whoever that was.  I wonder if all of the candidates who “signed the pledge” and who belittled Trump will stay true to their word?

Gawker catches Ted Cruz in a blatant obvious lie.


Cruz was Boehner’s attorney.  Not bad for someone who claims he didn’t know Boehner at all.

At best he’s an idiot at worst a liar – telling a dumb lie, a lie with no purpose.

Serial child molester Dennis Hastert gets 15 months for trying to buy off a victim.


I wonder if Tom Delay regrets attesting to Hastert’s character now?

Here’s that character letter: page 25

Here’s the lawsuit filed by the person Hastert was paying off – suing him for breach of contract for not paying him the hush money during the FBI investigation.

Utah declares porn a “public health crisis”

The resolution was passed unanimously by the Utah Senate in Feb.

The video in this story is a piece of work! It’s the sponsor of the legislation grandstanding about how bad and addictive pornography is.

Governor signs “resolution”


Text of the resolution


It “is nonbinding,” Weiler said. “We’re not spending money, and we’re not banning anything.”

So what’s the fucking point?

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Photo: Gawker captured the moment Ted Cruz gave his wife, Becky, a taste of the None-of-the-People’s Elbow. -Chris

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