Episode 0029: Hillary Clinton is horrible.


We came prepared. No, seriously! To the point that our good friend Professor Kevin M. Smith complained about it. But, hey, you know, whatever — we can’t please everyone, right? Read on for actual show notes!

Sure, why not? Have the show notes as-fucking-is. See if I care. WE’RE GIVING AWAY IS HORRIBLE INSIDER BENEFITS FOR FREE!

  1. THIS IS NOT FUCKING BODY SHAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kreuger wrote in an Instagram post that women were outrightly rude to her and even spilled beer on her as part of a dare when she wore a minidress to a wedding. “Good thing for thick skin,” she said.”

No. Just no. You showed up to a goddamn wedding dressed like a goddamn fucking fool. Stop trying to upstage the bride. Go back in your hole so I can go back to having never heard of you.

  1. FBI doesn’t indict Hillary; FBI director writes/produces/directs/stars in new Trump campaign ad

I’ll pull links during the show and riff. [Ed. Note: I didn’t do this. -Chris]

Campaign ad: http://hotair.com/archives/2016/07/06/video-new-trump-ad-begins-post-comey-political-attack-on-hillary/

PS – Comey is VOLUN-FUCKING-TARILY going to testify before the House Oversight Committee about the decision to not recommend indictment.

  1. More proof the media just doesn’t fucking get this election and that Hillary doesn’t have a clear path to win when 75% of the fucking electorate viscerally dislikes her personally. But no — MELTDOWNS AND SHIT ARE THE REAL STORY HERE.


  1. But no — the real big story is that Donald Trump thinks Saddam Hussein did a good job dealing with terrorists. Except, uh… He’s right.


  1. My mom shared this on Facebook. It’s clickbait. Let me tell you why. He captioned the video “violence against veterans.” Let’s listen.


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