Episode 0032: Tin foil is horrible.

It’s 10:33PM. Pacific time, of course. Vinny had the episode ready for me to post a couple of hours ago. Truly, I didn’t know what to write. How’s this? — I am proud of the show he and I make together. This episode should prove why. I’m not bragging. Vinny and I did this before, and we were good. We’re doing this now, and… This episode is everything that this podcast is going to be. Week in. Week out. My fitted tin foil hat was delivered last week. Vinny has taken up the “buzzkill” role he has been preparing for his whole life. Together, I honestly believe, we’ve done it. What’s it? You should listen. -C

Obviously we talked about the two most important things happening in the world this week — the DNC email leaks and Pokemon Go.

You know, there’s vindication in this, sure. Everything crackpot Bernie supporters have been screaming for months is essentially true. Was the DNC in the bag for Hillary? Yes! Did the DNC actively campaign for Hillary? Yup! But surely the DNC wasn’t a money laundering outfit for the Clinton campaign. Ha ha. Good one.

Really, though, let me shut up and get in line to vote for Hillary because at least we got Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign. (Congratulations on your new gig as campaign co-chair for, uh… oh.)

Before you despair, know that there’s comfort to be found here: Democrats have selected the candidate best positioned to defeat Donald Trump — a person who would be a convicted felon if their name wasn’t Hillary Clinton. This is good.

I do have to hand it to future Presidential-election runner-up Hillary Clinton because she does make a good point — Niantic needs to figure out a way to make these damn millenials “Pokemon Go to the polls.”

What the fuck is happening?

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