46.0: Gotta Hate Millennials

It’s Saturday, March 4th, 2017. From the home of the Weekday White House in the 51st State where the Cherry Blossoms are already starting to peek out of their lil itty bitty buds, I’m Chris Roberts.

And from the sanctuary state where Federal law is not to be enforced, unless it’s about guns or transgender bathrooms, I’m Vincent Ferrari…

-The awful experiment that was Arnold as host of The Celebrity Apprentice is mercifully over…

– Twitter is now going to employ bots to filter out low-quality tweets.  Are there actually high-quality tweets on Twitter?

– MLS is under way, and the number of fucks given by Chris approaches zero.

– And the media is hyperventilating over Russia, and that’s not a headline from last year, which is why the whole thing…  is horrible.

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