51.0: Finally An Account Vinny Can’t Cancel

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Where is Chris: Behind enemy lines in the Trumpian Republic of Pennsylvania, under the clouds in the up and coming Lehigh Valley where Donald Trump… lost to Hillary Clinton by half a percentage point.

Where is Vinny: The quiet suburb where Vinny nearly got into a fistfight with his drunk neighbor just because he was jealous of Matt’s neighbors.

What made the show: The DNC sent out its member survey and it’s as awful as you would expect it to be; the Fyre Festival was nothing but a dumpster Fyre; Vinny and Chris are politically closer than…okay maybe not, but we’re close; Vinny’s reading a fascinating book on North Korea; Vinny “The AOL Call Guy” Ferrari finally met his match trying to cancel his account with TalkShoe.

What didn’t make the show: Money from the 70’s is much more money now — blame boomers.

This Week Is Horrible: “And United has apologized to its customers via email, and the apology as you can guess, is horrible.”

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