52.0: Ctrl-Alt-Right

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Where is Chris: Donald Trump’s occasional front yard, three short blocks away from the National Zoo.

Where is Vinny: The state with the most segregated schools in the country (true story).

What made the show: Someone listened to a song on a show called “is horrible” and expected it to be good; Hillary Clinton was interviewed at some women’s thing by Christiane Amanpour, and she reminded us that it mostly wasn’t her fault that she lost; we asked someone to tell us how to get to Sesame Street, and found out we can’t because we’re not girls (e.g., the new autistic muppet on Sesame Street is a girl); “DaddyoFive” might be on the run, which totally great prank, my dude, and also it’s easier because he and his wife are only daddy and mommy o’ three now, because (PUNK’D) they only have three of their kids now because the state gave two to their biological mother (#prayersforcody); Republicans in the House finally voted to repeal… no, replace… no, that’s not it… amend! Yes, that’s the word. They voted to amend Obamacare and change its name to the American Health Care Act. Then they pounded Bud Lights and gave each other high fives. Also, Ryan Seacrest is co-hosting Live with Kelly with Kelly. And Stephen Colbert said a naughty word on TV. AND we have new podcasts on is.media!

What didn’t make the show: It all made the show!

This Week Is Horrible: “And Barack Obama put out a video encouraging the people of France to vote for Emmanuel Macron, and, of course, we all know that meddling in a foreign presidential election is horrible.”

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