58: The Almost Lost Episode

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Friday, December 1, 2017

Where is Chris: Inside the Beltway, mere blocks from The Bob Mueller Russiagate Plea-Bargainpalooza.

Where is Vinny: Upstate New York, where [he’s] finally off [his] couch after having the literal laziest day ever.

What made the show: More sexual harassment; Mike Flynn ain’t shit; the tax plan sucks; Fox News is stupid; RIP vid.me.

What didn’t make the show: anything after 1:09:30, because this recording was bad, and tbh we almost lost the whole episode.

No No Agenda Agenda: CUT THIS WEEK

This Week in Old People Being Bad: They voted in these idiots who do bad tax laws.

This Week Is Horrible: “You’re horrible. I’m horrible. This is horrible.”

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