60: ShA ⍰t TalkA ⍰n’ wA ⍰th ChrA ⍰s

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Where is Chris: Inside the beltway, but mercifully outside the District of Columbia for a change.

Where is Vinny: The frozen tundra of Suffern, NY which accumulated one inch of snow in three days.

What made the show: How was your week? Mario Batali is a Croc-wearing creep. Does Star Wars suck? (Probably.) Chris doesn’t watch The Walking Dead. Goodthink is being imposed at the CDC. The tax plan stinks. This is a good link: https://twitter.com/TerribleMaps/status/942052681832697856Work-life balance is important. Net neutrality isn’t the thing that you think it is. Matt Damon is catching shit for agreeing with us.

What didn’t make the show: Actually, I think we got it all.

No No Agenda Agenda: None this week. Ur welcome.

This Week in Old People Being Bad: “Something, something old people don’t need as much internet.” -Vinny

This Week Is Horrible: “This is horrible.”

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