61: The 2018 Pre-Game Show

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: The last week of December, 2017

Where is Chris: The DC side of the is.media Virtual Studio.

Where is Vinny: “Somewhere in the US where it’s, [sic] indescribably, [sic] cold in December.”

What made the show: some thoughts on our Christmas Special; the tax plan is real, most people will actually get a cut (kind of), and it’s still going to kill the economy; Vinny thinks that some graph means that Democrats are doing well getting money out of politics; what is the least amount of money that would significantly change your life? BREAKING: there was no one new for our Creep of the Week segment this week.

What didn’t make the show: All of it, thanks.

No No Agenda Agenda: Why does Adam hate stuttering so much?

This Week in Old People Being Bad: Eh.

This Week’s Executive Producer: Sir Danny of Junction City USA

This Week Is Horrible: “Happy New Year, chumps. This is horrible.”

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