64: Up on the Roof (Remix)

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Sunday, January 21, 2018

Where is Chris: The Lower East Side of the most overrated city in the world.

Where is Vinny: The ‘burbs because [he’s] a nearly middle-aged white dude and where else would [he] be.

What made the show: You should listen to The Danarchist, a new show from is.media, because they cover all of our material first. Aziz Ansari is bad at sex, and he might be the tipping point with this #metoo stuff. Let’s have a discussion about hot sauce. We’ve reached the “show me your papers” phase of MAGA (https://twitter.com/flimmigrant/status/954771543535611904), and Vinny called this months ago and forgot all about it. Some guy got bumped from a flight for wearing his entire wardrobe. At once. And it wasn’t Chris (https://thebuzz.iheart.com/content/2018-01-16-british-airways-boots-man-wearing-everything-he-packed/) Lmao, #RELEASETHEMEMO (and everything else, thanks). Oklahoma is going to try and fight “marijuana addiction” as a mental illness (https://www.readfrontier.org/stories/mental-health-agency-wants-new-funding-to-fight-marijuana-addiction-as-ballot-measure-on-medical-cannabis-looms/Alexa is having a #metoo moment (https://thenextweb.com/voice/2018/01/19/alexa-needs-shut-sexual-harassment-shutting/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=profeed). Youtube doesn’t give a shit about small guys, but you already knew that.

What didn’t make the show:

No No Agenda Agenda: We brought them up, I don’t remember when. :manshrugging:

This Week in Old People Being Bad: Eh.

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